Tips for Cruising With A Baby/Toddler

Taking a cruise with your baby or toddler? Are you wondering what to pack? Packing for a cruise with a baby is a challenge for sure! You will want to pack light, but not too light! If you are lucky enough to get to your cruise ship without flying, you will not have any restrictions onContinue reading “Tips for Cruising With A Baby/Toddler”

Cruise Embarkation Day!

It has finally arrived….Embarkation Day! All the waiting, planning and anticipation is almost over! Before you know it, you will be on board, sipping a tropical drink and waiting for sail away. Woohoo….vacation has begun!! Hold on though…you may be ready to get onboard, but the crew is busy preparing the ship and disembarking theContinue reading “Cruise Embarkation Day!”

Time to Leave the Ship – What you need to know

No one likes to think about it, but it’s going to happen….you have to leave the ship. Disembarkation (or debark) is something cruisers don’t want to think about. It’s a lot more fun to think about things like planning excursions and booking future cruises and NOT think about getting off the ship. But all goodContinue reading “Time to Leave the Ship – What you need to know”

What Cruise Documents Do You Need To Board?

Cruise documents…what are they and which ones you need? To help you avoid any major mishaps, let’s walk through the basics and touch on some additional items you might want to bring along just in case. Boarding a cruise ship is different from boarding a domestic plane flight. Because cruises involve international travel, you won’tContinue reading “What Cruise Documents Do You Need To Board?”

Captain’s Club – Celebrity Cruises

Cruising with Celebrity really does have its benefits. When you join the Captain’s Club, you will enjoy an array of cruise rewards. The more you sail, the greater the rewards. You’ll earn points on every sailing, according to the cabin level you book. Enjoy discounts, special offers and perks. All this adds up to anContinue reading “Captain’s Club – Celebrity Cruises”

What to do in Nassau, Bahamas?

Nassau, Bahamas is a beautiful destination for anyone looking for a tropical paradise and is a popular port for cruise ships. It is known for its dazzling turquoise waters, white sand beaches and year-round sunshine. But what is there to do? Many people are intimidated when they first arrive and depart the ship. The currentContinue reading “What to do in Nassau, Bahamas?”

What to pack for the Caribbean

You’ve booked your dream cruise to the Caribbean. Now the big questions…what to pack! While you might think all you need to throw into your suitcase is a couple of swimsuits and a pair of sandals, there are many other things to consider. A Caribbean cruise vacation offers so much more than just pristine beaches…though there areContinue reading “What to pack for the Caribbean”

Celebrity Cruises Beverage Packages

What are the differences between the beverage packages onboard Celebrity Cruises? Is it worth it to upgrade? How much does it cost? What other packages are available? These are very common questions and I will do my best to provide quick and easy answers. Classic Package You can choose from an array of beers, spirits,Continue reading “Celebrity Cruises Beverage Packages”

New Amazon travel store!

I have a new travel store…. You will find all the things I love to use for traveling and cruising. Please check it out! I only share items I have personally used and recommend. Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This blogContinue reading “New Amazon travel store!”


Bonaire is one of three islands that make up the catchy nickname: the ABC islands. This colorful Netherlands Antilles archipelago lies 50 miles off the coast of Venezuela and is comfortably outside the Caribbean’s hurricane belt.    Bonaire is laid-back by design. Large chain hotels have been kept out and eco-preservation has been enforced sinceContinue reading “Bonaire!”