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Best bakery in St. Petersburg, Russia

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Walking along Nevsky Prospect, we discovered a wonderful bakery, Konditerskaya Sever.

The first written mention of the Bakery on Nevsky 44 is found in the yearbook “All Petersburg” for 1903. It was called “A. Andreev ” and belonged to the first guild merchant Fedor Krymzenkovu.  It quickly became very popular with the people of St. Petersburg, and daily lines formed for the freshly baked goods. 

During the war, the store and a cafe suspended operations, but were resumed in 1946.   In 2007, due to an ever increasing demand, a new building was constructed in the Vyborg district, which is equipped with the most modern and technologically advanced equipment from European manufacturers. Now more than 700 professionals are employed in the production of branded products.

After reconstruction in 2008, the bakery continues to work the tearoom on Nevsky Prospect, 44 with its own mini-industry. Only here can the citizens and guests of the city try exclusive production of the pastry chef – desserts and cakes with fresh fruit and berries, which are commonly said to “pose in the mouth”.  This is one place you truly do not want to miss!


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