Cruise Packing 101 – what not to forget!

Many of these items highlighted below can be purchased through my Amazon store… *As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you!

PASSPORT! and other important travel documents, such as your vaccination card and Covid test, if one is needed.  I keep mine in a clear vinyl sleeve that I purchased on Amazon.

Keep these items in your carryon…you will need them to check in at the pier.  I find a travel wallet to be very useful.

Luggage tag holders. Protect your luggage with reusable holders. Nothing worse than having your luggage go missing! The ones shown are for Celebrity Cruises and Royal Caribbean.

This is the link for Holland America.

A lanyard to keep your sea pass handy.

I have used a bathroom organizer from LLBean for years. It is well made and has plenty of storage. I keep it packed all the time except for a few items which I need everyday. This way, it is grab and go!

Waterproof beach bag or tote for pool.

This backpack would also be great for onshore excursions.

A small crossbody bag is very helpful onboard to keep your phone, sea card and any other items you might want while onboard.

Bags of this type have become very popular. Wear around your waist or as a crossbody. Several colors available.

Packing cubes – keep your clothing organized and protected while traveling.  Also makes unpacking in your cabin super easy and fast.

Many stores are eliminating free bags with purchases. I travel with reusable grocery bags…saves money and keeps me from using plastic bags.

Lock your luggage! We always lock ours when flying or boarding a ship.

Highliter – mark the activities on the daily planner you want to do onboard. However, with the new ship’s apps that are being developed, you may find that easier to use instead of the paper ones. It is also helpful to highlight important information on other papers that are left on your bed each evening.

Cabins can get warm. Keep the air moving with a portable fan.

I find these very useful to organize papers in the cabin…nothing worse than losing something!

We use these hooks for hats, jackets, etc .

Ziplock bags – good for dirty laundry, wet suits, keeping phones sand and water free. Or a waterproof case is also useful if you are uncomfortable leaving your belongings on the beach while you are in the water.

Want to snorkel with your phone? This waterproof case works perfectly.

Speaking of clothes, travel irons and steamers are not allowed. We have found that a wrinkle release spray works well.

Many ships do not have self-service laundry facilities. Packets of laundry detergent are very handy for doing a quick wash in the sink.

Just need to do a quick clothing clean up? I carry one of these with me everyday and in my carry-on luggage.

Hat – protect your head and face from the sun. I have a few I like to wear.

And this one:

Sunscreen – cheaper than buying on the ship! It’s important to use sunscreen that also protects our reefs and oceans.

If you are prone to seasickness, these have proven very effective. They come in different colors too!

Bonine is also very effective.

Most cruise ship cabins do not have a magnifying mirror, which I find very helpful when doing hair and makeup. This is the one I have been using. There are 3 different magnifying levels available to purchase…5X, 10X or 15X. I use 10X.

Sunglasses – glare off the water can be very strong. I use readers and recently found these. So nice to not have to switch glasses if I want to read something. They are NOT bifocals either!

Chargers for phones, computers, notepads, etc. To keep my chargers organized, I use this.

Charging device with extra plugs. Be sure to choose one that is not surge protected….ships do not allow them.

If you are traveling overseas prior to sailing, you need an adapter for your hotel. This one works in Europe.

This link is for Australia adapters:

Towel clips – keep your towel on the chair, either on the ship or at the beach. Pick some that are fun and unusual….that way you can easily find your chair after enjoying the pool or beach

Also useful is an anti-theft bag for beach chairs, such as AquaVault. I bought mine on Amazon.

Over the door hanger – helps to organize smaller items in the cabin.

A travel first-aid kit is a necessity. Pain killers (ibuprofen, aspirin, etc.) and a few bandaids…easier than going to the ship’s doctor. This is a great first aid kit for traveling.

Keep your shoes smelling fresh with these odor eliminators. You don’t want your cabin smelling like stinky feet!

Protect your clothes from dirty shoes with shoe bags!

Bottle bags for packing wine and liquor – protect your belongings when traveling home.

And of course…..CLOTHES! Bathing suits are a must, especially if you are planning a beach day. No need to bring beach towels….the ship will provide them for you. Comfortable clothes to wear around the ship during the day. For evenings, dressy outfits for “formal” nights….evening gowns and tuxedos are not mandatory, but some people will still wear them. Wear what makes you happy, as long as you follow the ships requirements. Most do not allow shorts or gym clothes in the dining room for dinner. The ships can be chilly in the evenings, so a light sweater is always good idea.

I hope this helps make packing a little easier. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions! Remember….visit to find the products shown above….along with other cruising and travel essentials!

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*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. 

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