Why cruise Alaska?

Why are you going to Alaska again? Aren’t you tired of it? Isn’t it boring, seeing the same ports over and over? What is so special about it?

I am asked these questions every year when we book our annual Alaska cruise. And no….I WILL NEVER GET TIRED OF ALASKA!!!

Each cruise is different. Yes, we sail to the same ports and usually with the same cruise line and often on the same ship. But each sailing is different. The weather is different…sometimes rainy and cold, sometimes sunny and hot….but always beautiful. The passengers change…we’ve made lifelong friends onboard. And the crew changes…but we somehow manage to find crew members we know from previous cruises.

Alaska has an magic that can’t be described. Gazing upon the majestic mountains, the blue ocean and knowing that you are witnessing pure wilderness is amazing.

There is nothing like watching whales surface beside your ship….seeing the water spouts from their blow holes creating rainbows in the sunlight, or watching dolphins play in the waves ahead of the ship as she gently glides through the water.

I can watch the magnificent bald eagles soar overhead and circle the ship looking for fish in the water below for hours.

And the seaplanes! I can hear the roar of their engines in my memory as I write.

Don’t miss out on the glaciers….watching them calve and hearing the ice thunder as they move is incredible.

Exploring the ports is always fun. You don’t need to book excursions. Of course, it is an excellent way to experience all that Alaska has to offer!

We have done train and bike rides, zip lining, float planes, horseback riding, beer tasting. a lumberjack show and whale watching.

Now we enjoy just wandering around and discovering bits of history that are tucked in out of the way corners. Talk to the locals…they know all the secret spots. Do some hiking….the views you will be rewarded with are incredible. We have discovered small salmon streams loaded with spawning fish and have even seen a young bear raiding a trash can in Ketchikan. Luckily, he was far enough away that he didn’t know we were there. He was FAR more interested in that trash can!

Be sure to check out the other articles about Alaska in this blog. I’ve tried to cover the major ports and glaciers. There is also a good packing list available What do I pack for Alaska?and a “Cruise Packing 101…what not to forget” post. Cruise Packing 101 – what not to forget! My Amazon store has links to all the items I use while traveling. http://amazon.com/shop/travelswithmickey

I highly recommend going to Alaska at least once in your lifetime. Yes, it is expensive. But it is an experience you will never forget or regret.

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