Tips for Cruising With A Baby/Toddler

Taking a cruise with your baby or toddler? Are you wondering what to pack? Packing for a cruise with a baby is a challenge for sure! You will want to pack light, but not too light! If you are lucky enough to get to your cruise ship without flying, you will not have any restrictions on the number of bags you can bring. But do you really want to deal with a lot of extra luggage?

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring the items you need! Remember though, cruise cabins are typically smaller than hotel rooms. If you bring too much, your stateroom will feel very cramped and crowded. Be selective and only bring what you will absolutely use.

Below are our recommendations for the top essential travel baby supplies for your next family vacation at sea.

Important Note: This post may contain affiliate links which means if you make a purchase, we will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! littles one’s ear while traveling. Some venues onboard can be load. There are sizes for children, babies and toddlers.

Heading to a beach destination? A good beach blanket is essential. This one comes with sand anchors and storage pockets too!

A good carry on bag is essential. We love to use this one, it has spinner wheels and is easy to maneuver. When boarding the ship, be sure to pack swimsuits, sunscreen, all medicines, valuables and your boarding document including passports in it! If your are flying to the port, it also fits under the seat!

Water shoes are an absolute must have item! Protect their feet from rocks, shells, coral, hot sand, etc.

Many cruise lines do not have self-service laundry. Kids are messy! Be prepared to do some laundry in your cabin. can hang a shower curtain from the ceiling using these hooks to create a privacy curtain or use them to hang hats, jackets, blankets extra. Walls and ceilings in ship cabins are magnetic! They are available in lots of fun colors too.

This is genius! A refillable roll-on container for sun screen…..why didn’t I think of that?

When it comes to strollers, the smaller and lighter the better. If your usual stroller is bulky, you might want to invest in a smaller, more maneuverable umbrella stroller. These take up much less room in your cabin and can also fit under the bed when not in use. Cabin corridors are also narrow and some areas can be crowded. This lightweight stroller weighs just 13 pounds, has four reclining positions, a large seat area and a large storage basket plus anti-shock front wheels and lockable rear wheels

Weather happens….protect your child and stroller from rain, wind, snow…etc.

Baggage handlers are notorious for being rough with luggage. Strollers are expensive. There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination with a broken one. This happened to us in London at the beginning of a month long vacation….not the best way to start our trip. We definitely learned the hard way to buy a cover!

Air tags are a must these days. Luggage gets delayed or lost…know where your belongs are! They are also a very good way to find your stroller if it gets moved while traveling….very useful in places like Disney, other amusement parks, malls, etc.!

We use a detachable case on the inside of all my luggage. That way we know it won’t get removed or lost.

Believe me…you want to use a luggage tag holder on your luggage. After many sailings with torn off or destroyed tags and bags going missing, we finally invested on these and use them every cruise. These are for Celebrity and Royal Caribbean:

These are for Carnival:

And these work with Princess luggage tags:

Little legs get tired while traveling. With the right equipment, traveling with kids can be a little less chaotic and a lot more fun. The Lugabug travel seat is a fully collapsible suitcase accessory that attaches to your roller bag and converts it into a comfy seat for your little one. Good for ages 2 years and up.

Excursions are easier when you don’t have to worry about a stroller. This wrap keeps baby close and comfy.

Cruise lines have a limited number of pack & plays onboard for passenger use. Ships do not provide padding or sheets. We recommend adding a travel one to your packing list. This way, you know your child has a safe and comfortable place to sleep.

A portable white noise sound machine creates a soothing environment for your little one.

Your little one is going to need changing at some point! Be prepared with this portable changing pad. It comes with handy storage pockets and is waterproof.

Diaper bags have come a long way! Dad won’t mind carrying this leather baby diaper bag backpack and it comes with stroller straps too!

Most cruise cabins do not have a bath tub and the sinks are very small. An inflatable tub can be very useful! Can be used pool side for some splash time too!

A first aid kit is a 100% necessity! Visits to the ships doctor can be expensive and time consuming. Best to be prepared for the bumps and scrapes that are bound to happen.

Of course you will want to buy things in port for your friends, family, little one. Many stores are not providing free bags with purchase in an effort to reduce waste. I take reusable grocery bags.

Feeding time can be an adventure. Sippy cups, travel bottles, snack cups and baby spoons are very helpful!

Lightweight bottles

Portable bottle warmer

Insulated water bottles for babies and toddlers.

Baby spoons

Of course, you will need diapers and clothes! Bring at least two clothing changes per day plus sleeping wear. Baby swimsuits and hats to protect those eyes are also important! For the dress up nights onboard, bring something fun for your little one to wear!

Diapers onboard are expensive. If not driving to the port, stop at a store and stock up prior to boarding! Get some swim diapers too but be sure to check with your cruise line to see if they are allowed in the pool. If not, ask if they have an inflatable pool for your little one. Some ships do this!

Don’t forget the required boarding documents. This link will provide all the information you need when traveling with children.

Relax and enjoy a wonderful cruising vacation with your family. New memories will be made and your new cruiser will have the best time at sea!

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