Must have souvenirs!

When we travel, I love to bring home mementos of our journey….both for me and for friends and family.  But this can be challenging.  What do I get?  How do I get it home?  It needs to be small, unbreakable (most of the time!), useful and fun. When going to Alaska, I love to buyContinue reading “Must have souvenirs!”

Best bakery in St. Petersburg, Russia

Walking along Nevsky Prospect, we discovered a wonderful bakery, Konditerskaya Sever. The first written mention of the Bakery on Nevsky 44 is found in the yearbook “All Petersburg” for 1903. It was called “A. Andreev ” and belonged to the first guild merchant Fedor Krymzenkovu.  It quickly became very popular with the people of St. Petersburg, and daily linesContinue reading “Best bakery in St. Petersburg, Russia”