Travel, cruising, and a whole lot of wanderlust


I’ve been cruising Alaska since the mid-2000s and I’ll tell you, it never gets old!


Explore excursions and ports around Europe.

Cruise ports

Everything you need to know about cruise ports.


Living in Florida means the Caribbean is a quick and easy trip! Sun, Sand & Tan!

Celebrity Ships

I love cruising and have amassed many tips that will help you get the most out of your experience.

Travel tips

Everything you need to know, from booking flights to what to pack.


I live near DisneyWorld and visit as often as possible.

United Kingdom

Coming Soon!

United States

Coming Soon!

Hi, I’m Mickey
I’m a travel fiend, currently in Florida. I’ve lived in most regions of the United States, driven through most of the rest, and developed an incredible bug for travel. When we’re not at home, or the very nearby Disney World, you’ll find me in Europe or on a cruise with my husband and sometimes even some of our adult kids and their families.
I love sharing my explorations and the many tricks I’ve learned along the way. So buckle in, and let’s get out there!

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